Mercedes Classic Military

The Mercedes Benz G5 first appeared in 1938. It was powered by the Mercedes M149 4 cylinder 2,006cc water cooled petrol engine which developed 48 horsepower, giving the Mercedes a respectable top speed of around 50 mph. It was fitted with a five speed gearbox. The independent suspension both front and rear with coil springs gave the vehicle a smooth ride.


Typical of German WW2 vehicles it did seem over complicated, it was not only equipped with 4 wheel drive but also 4 wheel steering, the rear wheels could be locked in the straight position for normal driving. The driver could also select two or four wheel drive. The overall length was just over 13 feet, the width of the vehicle was 5.5 feet with an overall height of 6.2 feet. With an unladen wight of 1.9 tons it was on the heavy side for a small car in comparison to the Willys Jeep.


Various body styles were produced as well as the Military versions, but with only around 380 examples made between 1938 and 1940 it is a very rare second world war era Military vehicle.


Mercedes Classic Military



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