Albion Classic Military

Albion Motors stated building trucks in 1910, the company was established 1899 in Glasgow. Albion produced trucks for the British Army in the Great War and continued until it was purchased by Leyland Motors in 1951.


The Albion CX22S artillery tractor was first produced in late 1943, it was designed and built by Albion Motors to supplement the Scammell Pioneer Gun Tractor. Scammell could not produce enough vehicles to meet the requirements of the British Army at that time.


Albion Classic Military

Albion built just over 530 CX22S artillery tractors between 1943 and June 1945.It was used by the British Army to tow the heavy artillery guns such as the Long Tom or the 6. inch – 7.2-inch howitzers. To aid movement of such large guns it was fitted with an 8 ton winch under the rear body.  


 The CX22S was a 6×4 truck, powered by Albion’s EN244  six-cylinder 9,060cc inline overhead valve diesel engine  producing 100 bhp at 1,750 rpm. The transmission was a four-speed gearbox with a two-speed auxiliary gearbox.


The cab of the CX22S had a bench seat for three and fitted in the rear body was a another bench seat that could accommodate four with additional folding seats for two more. The rear body was also fitted with stowage for tools, equipment and ammunition.


The Albion CX22S was 25.5 feet long, 8.75 feet wide, 10.3 feet high and was just over 10 tons unladen. It was capable of carrying just over 5 tons.

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