AEC Y Type

The AEC Y Type was first produced in early 1915 and was still in production in the early 1920’s. It was based on an earlier truck that AEC were building at the time but was much lower geared to cope with the British Army’s requirements.



The AEC Y Type was powered by a four cyclinder 5,700cc Daimler petrol engine which produced around 40 horsepower, in 1917 the truck was fitted with a larger 7,700cc  Tylor petrol engine giving nearly 50 horsepower. Over 5,000 trucks were fitted with this engine and to denote the change it was now known as the YA, there were also the YB and the YC which donated other changes.


AEC Y Type


In 1917 the production line system was introduced into the factory which was by this time was under the British Governments control. The AEC Y Type was fitted with a four speed gearbox which drove the rear wheels through a worm drive rear axle.



The rear body was of a timber construction with fixed sides with a canvas tilt. By the end of the Great War just over 8,800 Y Types had been manufactured.


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