WW1 German Soldier

By | February 13, 2016

WW1 German soldier

Johann Gainsbuer was a 31 year old butler from the small Bavarian village of  Auwies in southern Germany. He joined the German army in July 1914 and fought at the battle of Verdun. The 13th Bavarian Infantry Regiment was transferred from Verdun on the 16th of May 1916. By September they were on the Somme, just west of Flers. On the 20th of September 1916 at 8.30 p.m. in the morning, the 1st black Watch were to attack and recover Drop Alley. The Highlanders moved up Drop Alley, at the same time the British artillery began to shell the Goose Alley and the Flers Trenches. They reached a point just into Flers trench and Flers support just pasted Goose alley.

But the 13th Bavarian’s were not beaten and at 10 pm. they launched a counter attack, The Black Watch were driven back down Drop Alley. The Germans now held Drop Alley and parts of the Flers Trenches. The Black Watch together with the New Zealand troops counter attacked, by dawn the Germans had been pushed back and just past the junction of Drop alley and Flers trench. In and around Drop alley lay about 200 dead Germans who had been killed in the night. Johann Gainsbuer was one of them, he had been killed by a Mills bomb (hand grenade)

Johann was buried in Rancourt German cemetery Block 5 Grave 61

Somme Trench map

Somme Trench map