Dodge Weapons Carrier WC 51 WC 52

The Dodge 3/4 ton WC series was introduced in 1942, as a vehicle to carry weapons, it could also carry eight fully equipped soldiers. The power plant fitted was a Dodge 230 cubic inch (3,772cc) six cylinder side valve engine, which produced 92 horsepower. A four speed gearbox and transfer box were fitted giving two or four wheel drive. The WC51 was identical to the WC52 apart from not having the front mounted Braden winch, which made the vehicle some 10 inches longer.Dodge Weapons Carrier Classic by Dodge and the Fargo Motor Corporation from 1942 until 1945 some 124,000 WC 51’s  and 60,000 WC 52’s were built. There was also a Canadian version which had a gap between the rear body and the spare wheel, giving room for the driver to be able to get from the left hand side, this idea was taken up by the latter American version.Dodge Weapons Carrier Classic Dodge Weapons Carrier is probably the second most popular vehicle amongst the military vehicle enthusiasts after the Jeep. With a wheelbase of 98 inches, overall length of 13′ 11″ for the WC56 and 14′ 9″ for the WC57, Total weight for the WC51 was 5650 Lbs and 5950 Lbs for the WC52. The top speed of the Weapons carrier is around 54 mph as for fuel consumption you can expect somewhere between 10 and 12 mpg. If you are thinking of buying a WW2 military vehicle then the Weapons carrier is a good choice because it is still reasonably priced, rugged, and reliable. Parts are easy to come by with a good support network of dealers. Although bigger than than the average car, they easy to drive and with the addition of a trailer you have an almost unlimited amount of capacity for all your equipment when going to Normandy or Military shows.Dodge Weapons Carrier Classic