Dodge Command Car Classic Military Vehicle

The Dodge Command Car used the same chassis and engine as the Weapons Carrier. A Dodge 230 cubic inch (3,772cc) six cylinder side valve engine, producing some 92 horse power, with the same four speed gearbox and transfer box. The WC56 Command car was identical to the WC57 apart from the front mounted Braden winch.The Command car was designed for the use by officers and commanders. With a wheelbase of 98 inches, overall length of 13′ 11″ for the WC56 and 14′ 9″ for the WC57, Total weight for the WC56 was 5370 Lbs and 5640 Lbs for the WC57. The top speed of the Command car is about 54 mph as for fuel consumption you can expect somewhere around 10 to 12 mpg. The large size of the vehicle and the fact the enemy would know that it was most likely to be transporting officers made it a prime target, so most officers preferred the Jeep as it was smaller and more manoeuvrable also a lot less conspicuous.

Today the Dodge Command car is a very popular military vehicle but with only some 21,000 WC 56’s and only 6000 WC57’s being built they don’t come up for sale that often but when they do a good quality vehicle will command a high price. There also was a version built with a radio set, this was designated the WC 58, a very rare vehicle.

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