Classic Military Vehicle AEC Matador

Classic Military Vehicle P107-Half-Track.

This P107 kegresse half track belongs to George Williamson. The first time it has been seen in public at the War and Peace revival

Classic Military Vehicle Weapons Carrier

The Dodge Weapons carrier is probably the second most popular WW2 vehicle after the Jeep.

Dodge Command Car Classic

A look at the Dodge WC 56/57  Command Reconnaissance, 3/4 ton, 4×4 truck, known as the Dodge Command Car

Steam Tank Classic

A 50 ton WW1 monster the American steam powered tank

Welbike Classic

The Excelsior Welbike was a built for the airborne forces. It could be parachuted in a container or landed by glider.

The Archer Classic

The Archer was a self propelled gun based on the Valentine tank chassis

Classic Military Vehicle

Classic Military Vehicle

Classic Military Vehicle

Classic Military

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