75th D Day anniversary

75th D Day anniversary Thousands of people and world two vehicles head to Normandy for the 75th anniversary of D Day, The ferry crossing from Portsmouth looked more like a military transport ship, with all manner of world war two vehicles aboard. 75th D Day anniversaryAs always at Arromanches when the tide is out the military vehicles come down on the beach for very informal meeting of like minded people75th D Day anniversary NormandyWe came across this group of German vehicles parked up just off the road including the two DKW motorcycles 75th D Day anniversary The parachute drop was delayed due to the low cloud but was something to see especially as it was in Normandy very close to the first parachute drops of the Normandy campaign made 75 years ago 75th D Day anniversary You had to be up early on the 6th June to see the best display of world war two vehicles on the beach at Arromanches. With low tide being at 6 o’clock in the morning the vehicles organised by the IMPS and MVT military vehicle clubs started to gather about this time. 75th D Day anniversary There so many vehicles on the beach some estimates were between 400 to 500 vehicles. We did however pick out the Morris Commercials as our favourites especially Paul’s CDSW which had just had a full engine rebuild and a fresh coat of paint just prior to Normandy   75th D Day anniversary British world war two motorcycles were much in attendance on the morning, with a good cross section of the different makes 75th D Day anniversary Not sure if a record was set on the 6th of June for amount of DUKW’s gathered together, but it did look like it. We counted 14 most of which were swimming at some point on the 75th D Day anniversary.

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